A Brief Guide to Email marketing

Guide to Email marketing

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to promote your brand or sell a product. Even with the introduction of several new marketing strategies, email marketing had not been depreciated by its value and importance.

In fact, study found that the ROI (return on investment) of email marketing is very high being about 38:1 on average.

So, to make sure you do not miss out this great opportunity of marketing your brand, let’s look into the following details of email marketing.

Getting the email list for marketing

To be successful in email marketing you need to have and maintain a list of subscribers who might be interested to your service. More the list covers the target audience more the success of marketing campaign is obvious. And there are many ways to create this important list. Let’s talk on few of the best.

1. You can create sign up form on your business website. If the first time visitor finds something relevant on your site they will sign up using their email ID.

2. You may not have a strong list for email marketing but you have good social media following. You should make use of this one and make it as a tool of creating good email list. Just share your sign up link on social media channels.

3. Offer a prize and give your new subscribers incentives. You can attract more visitors and enlist them into your list. This way works but some irrelevant subscribers need to be filtered.

Buying an Email list

In email marketing campaign you should never buy an email list. Most of the emails in that list are ineffective and they get identified as spam. So using this type of mail you literally cannot reach to potential client.

Designing the mail

When you are designing your email campaign make sure to be simple and straightforward. Put all the most important information on the top so that one can easily scan the gist of the mail.

Divide the texts into sections making your campaign very easy to read. In fact, make your whole campaign clear and to the point.

Measuring the performance of Email marketing campaign

Okay! You have created you campaign. But to know the value your effort is important. How can it be measured?  Wait! There are ways.


Take the data of how many clicks your linked website received since you had launch your campaign. If the the click rate is reasonably low compared to other marketing campaigns, then you must review the campaign.

Website Traffic

Traffic on your website can be a measurement of your email marketing campaign success. If you are reaching the target audience through email marketing, it will show a direct impact on your service website or e-commerce store.

Best Tools to Run your Email Marketing Campaign:

Best Free/Paid Tools:

So if you are not sure about the ROI of email marketing. Then it is the best option to run a free campaign. There are some great quality free email marketing tools available. If you noticed that there is a good potential of email marketing for your business then it’s time to switch on paid tools for more updated features and more number of mails. Let’s take a look at the below tools:

HubSpot Email Marketing:

According to Hubspot “Each email subscriber is a real person. It’s time to treat them like one”. Hubspot CRM provides a wonderful free email marketing tool. From where you can easily create beautiful email templates without the help of designers.

They allow up to 2000 emails per month for free. It’s enough number for the beginning. If you measured that it works then you may upgrade to there premium plans for $50 per month.


This is relatively a new platform with great features. With their free email taster you can easily improve the deliverability of your email. And these features will prevent your mail to be landed on the spam folder. The tasting toll is completely free but if you want to consult with a Mailgenius specialist then you have to spend $300 per hour.

Mail Chimp:

According to email marketers Mail Chimp is the best tool to run a successful email campaign. The easy to use dashboard and and contact subset is really helpful even for the newbies. In a single sentence, Mailchimp is the platform to manage audience data, running campaign and a clear insight at one place.

It allows up to 2000 subscribers to add and send 12000 mails per month for free.

Reach Mail:

The specialty of the tool is they designed Reachmail for a wide variety of customers. You may be a small business, marketing firm, or a large business, they provide unique solutions for all. Like large companies, they provide Full Fledged API & Multiple user support with fine-grained permissions.

Depending on your needs you may select $10 to $70 monthly packages on reach mail.

End Notes:

Hope this guide would help you to create your first email campaign. You may use other tools that are available in the market. Please let us know if you found any great tool for email marketing. We will add the tool in our list.

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