Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Blogging

Social Media Marketing

Social media has a big role in SEO and on-line promoting.

During some years we have noticed that social media has a huge impact when it comes to SEO. That’s why, several companies are coming back onto the market and making complete awareness via social media promotions.

Some years ago websites received traffic from search engines and adsence. But now, things has utterly changed, and digital marketers and bloggers are now using this strategy to boost targeted traffic streams from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

As a individual or company, it’s very important to own social media profiles. From a blogging perspective, social media traffic is a few of the foremost targeted traffic for free. From a business perspective, you’ll be able to get feedback from your loyal supporters via social media campaigns and interactions. Once you’ve gained trust, changing these users into premium subscribers becomes a lot of easier.

Before i’m going in-depth regarding the advantages of using social media as a blogger, let’s discuss some SMM basics.

What is Social Media Marketing(SMM)?

It is the technique to create a complete brand awareness to get targeted traffic from social media sites.

These sites includes Instagram,Twitter,Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, Pinterest, community forums, etc.

SMM depends on user interactions. anyplace wherever individuals can intaract is a place that may be marketed to.

Social Media: Websites like Instagram, YouTube,Facebook, Twitter where people post text, videos,images songs etc.

Social Bookmarking: Websites like Mix, Refind,, Flipboard, Pocket, etc. wherever users can bookmarker their favorite URLs and share them publically.

Social News: Websites like TechCrunch, Engadget wherever users submit news articles that get ranked depending on quality.

Social Apps: With the huge popularity of Smartphones, we have a tendency to can’t afford to ignore the importance of social apps like Whatsapp, skype, snapchart wherever users will act with each other on-the-go.

Popular Social Media Sites:


Based on your blog’s relevancy, you would need to choose the correct social media website to push on.

Social Media promotion for Bloggers:

We need to simply accept the thought that blogging and social media go hand-in-hand. Bloggers must have a social media presence and this is very important to the success of a website.

It’s not possible to hide promote all blogs on every social media website because of each websites and every social media site works distinctly. But if you are sticking with it you will definitely get some benefits.

Your efforts in social media can boost traffic, build natural links, increasing domain authority, enhance traffic rank, and maybe most significantly, obtaining additional premium subscribers.

Overall, SMM can facilitate in driving targeted traffic, and bloggers will have the benefit of the golden rule:

More targeted audience = More earnings.

Here are a few benfits of social media marketing:

Free, Niche-Oriented Traffic:

There are thousands of good quality bookmarkin websites on the web.You can get really engaging traffic from this websites.

Increased Domain Authority:

Search engines provides a huge value to social links. If a website is shared in different good quality social media websites, it’ll grow in Domain Authority.

Better Visibility And Popularity:

Maximum social websites have a rating/commenting system. If your content is really informative, then you’ll get positive ratings/comments from that website which can facilitate in driving targeted traffic to your journal.And it helps to build your blog/brands reputation.

Cheaper and higher Conversions:

While driving traffic from PPC advertising, CPM advertising, sponsored posts, and banner ads are expensive, then social media traffic is affordable and extremely targeted.

Get Higher Ranking in SERPs:

When you shared a content on social media search engines gives advantage to your blog to rank higher on SERP. The more shares your content gets from others the chance of ranking higher increases.

Fast Crawling of Contents:

If your content publishing frequency is not that high that search engines crawler visits your blog frequently then another way to fast indexing is social sharing.As search engines crawler are on social sites maximum time due to thousands updates per second so it helps your conents to indexed quickly if shared on social media.

Brand Authority:

With social media sites you can establish your brand as a global without spending a single penny. When will start discussing and interacting with your brand then your brand reputation will build.

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing:

First thing in SMM is you need to being social.

Don’t act like a bot on social sites, try to follow the emotion of people and create content based on them .

Focus more on your targeted visitor because huge number of non-targeted visitor can be harmful to your brands reputation.

Below are some do’s and don’s for you that you need to maintain on social media sites…


  • Engage with followers
  • Keep regularity when publishing content.
  • Share contents that are only related to your niche.
  • Always open your eye to catch the latest trends on social media.
  • Try to publish content on trendy topics of course niche relevant.
  • Make your about info up to date.
  • Target the local users mainly if your business is local regional.
  • Monitor your brand visibility.
  • Add positive and polite to your updates and comments.
  • Follow your competitors’ strategies.
  • Try to own trust of your followers


  • Avoid bulk posting at a time.
  • Avoid over promotion . Because it’s a spammy activity.
  • Don’t apply any black hat trick to buy followers.
  • Never rude with your followers. Stay polite!
  • Don’t devalued any negative comments. Acknowledge all of them. Because all feedback are important for your growth.


Blogging is not just about offpage SEO and content publishing. You also need to build reputation on social media and make your brand popular.

As well as your growth it will help your followers too, and “being helpful” is the blogging.

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