Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs: Get your business to the next stage

Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs

As social media gets integrated into our lifestyle, its significance as a platform and a tool for marketing has increased many fold. Social media offers a cost-effective mechanism for interaction with customers for the purpose of product and brand communication, product promotion or effective customer service management.

The lack of a financial obligation adds to the appeal of this medium apart from the fact that it offers an opportunity to reach out to potential buyers as well as the current customers across the world. Social media transcends the geographical barriers with ease. Some social media marketing platforms and tools that hold significance are listed for you to take note.


Almost 2.5 Billion monthly active user Facebook is the most popular social networking platform for people around the world ought to find a place in the marketing strategy of the entrepreneurs. The interactive medium allows for serving the customers well by attending the reported issues. It makes available a large audience across various segments. There are no free lunches in business but this platform is free and effective.


This platform is known as the most professional social media tool. Networking with professionals and experts who are active in the same domain is as much a part of an effective business management and expansion strategy as is the management of customers. Businesses thrive on networking. Make the most of the readily available expertise. LinkedIn offers a significant platform for the purpose. Use it to build credibility for your business. For the best features you may subscribe the premium services. As a Job Seekers you may select the pack range from $29.99- $59.99. $79.99 pack is the best for sales personals and the recruiters pack of $119.99 per month. You can avail all the premium features by subscribe a package.


Mails to clients about new products and services prove to be of immense significance in increasing product awareness and visibility. MailChimp is a mail management tool that helps in managing client mailing lists and in analyzing the related statistics. Integration with content management systems is an added advantage. For a small business, if the mailing list has less than 500 contacts, the mailing facility comes for free. Use it to promote your business and the products.


Twitter is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing. To make it effective, allow for interaction between the organization and the consumers. The medium allows for serving the customers and holds immense potential for brand communication provided the method used is creative and engages the consumers rather than letting the message out in the vacuum. Monitter is a tool that helps in monitoring the tweets relating to the organization in order to collect feedback on the organization and its products. Use twitter to communicate with clients and to empower your product promotion strategies.


This is an extremely effective medium provided it is used in the right manner. Be creative in putting the message across. Reach out to the consumers. Break away from the mundane form of advertising that launches into a eulogy of the product. Upload videos of marketing events you undertake. Make customer reviews available along with information on the different modes through which the product can be bought.

Get Satisfaction

The entrepreneurs who are quick to realize that customer satisfaction is central to success get the results for their efforts. A forum that allows customers to put forth their grievances can help build the goodwill for the organization and its products in case all issues are attended to in a timely and efficient manner. is a community management tool for ensuring that your customers feel valued. Make the most of it.


If you are handling many projects then it is very difficult to manage all of them. Basecamp can be your solution at one place. Basically it is a project management tool. Depending on current situation of Covid-19 outbreak maximum employees are working remotely now. Besides your clients Basecamp can be the perfect tool to collaborate with your employee and partners too. This tool provides to-do lists, message board, Group chart, Schedule , sharing file facility, time tracking and a whiteboard. For unlimited client and Users you can subscribe the 99/month pack. The most interesting thing is that you can try the free trail version before the subscription.


For a business maybe small or large business it’s very hard to analyze all the users experience. In this purpose Uservoice can help you. Every feedback is important to grow your product. If you are really caring to your customers and curious that what actually people wants from you then uservoice is must needed for you. From this tool you will be able to manage all your feed backs

Social media is here to stay. Understand the power of social media and tap the potential of the various platforms in order to give your products the desired visibility. This was unfathomable a few decades back but it is an undeniable reality of our times.from one place.

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