What is a Backlink? How to Get More Backlinks


A backlink is just a link from one web site to a different website. Search engines like Google, Bing use backlink as a positive signal because once one web site links to a different resourse, it indicates that they believe the content is trustworthy and informative. As a result, backlinks help to boost a site’s ranking position and visibility in Search Engine Rank Page (SERP).

How Do Backlinks Work?

After your websites content quality backlinks play a vital role in website ranking, and your overall strategy for growing your traffic.You may say that backlinks are the conversions among different websites.

For example, Jennifer is a travel blogger, and he writes a really catchy article on her recent trekking adventures
Another blogger, Liza, links to Jeniffers’s article once she was writing an article on trekking. Since she writes regarding the subject on her well-known on-line travel website, she creates a link back to Jeniffer’s post.

As Jeniffer like travelling and like to share her real stories on her website, several different sites can link back to her article. This will increase the authority, of Jeniffer’s article additionally her article will get a boost in search engine rank page. Basically, it’s a win-win strategy for both Jeniffer and Liza. Jeniffer gets a backlink from a reputed website and Liza’s readers will be happy after reading the story of Jeniffer’s latest trekking.

Types of Backlinks

Generally, there are two types of back links are used in maximum websites. Lets take a glance at the both types of links and its benefits.

Nofollow Links:

“Nofollow” this tag was first introduced to protect a website from spammy comment and forum links. Before the introduction of “Sponsored tag ” nofollow was also used to indicate a sponsored link. Nowadays a Nofollow tag tells search engines not to follow the links They don’t pass any link juice from one website to a different website. So, this kind of links are not beneficial in business prospective as they don’t help the target URL to boost in SERP.

Dofollow Links:

This links are the type of backlink that everybody basically business owner needs. Basically, it passes page rank to boost the targeted link. So it is assumed that the higher authority dofollow backlink we get the more chance is there to rank the targeted page.

You need to be careful about dofollow links that are created from a spammy website. Some toxic link firms and your competitors can harm your websites by applying this technique.

Your website may be penalized because of too many suspicious dofollow links. So for dofollow links number is not the matter the only thing matters is sites authority and trustworthiness.

How to Get Backlinks?

Building backlinks is not one week or month activity. It takes a long time and effort. Here are seven tips you may follow for building quality backlinks.

  • Connect your website on your/business’s social media profiles.
  • Try to update your already ranked articles frequently and add more information. That’s why nobody didn’t hesitate to refer your resource from there website.
  • Create listicles, “how-to” posts like problem solving, error fixing, “why” posts, infographics, or posts with embedded videos. These formats typically get more backlinks than ordinary posts.
  • Write the complete guide posts as it covers all the basic things about the topic.
  • Publish guest articles on different relevant blogs and websites
  • Reach out bloggers that are only relevant to your niche and request them to link on your resource if they found it informative and beneficial.
  • Interview influencers in your related business and mention them in your content, after that there is a high chance to getting a link back to your website.

Try to find quality websites for link building by competitor analysis. As they are ranking well after building links from those websites it will help your website too.

A backlink tool like Ahref, Ubersuggest will assist you to realize these links, thus you’ll begin targeting those websites as a part of your own link building strategy.

How can I Check My Backlinks?

There are many good quality free/paid tools available to detect your backlinks. Some of them are Ahref(Paid/ Show upto100 free links) , Semrush, Ubersuggest, Google Search console.

Monitoring your backlinks time to time is very important. If you found toxic links then try to reachout them and request them to remove your link.If it is not possible then submit disavow to Google. Because if Google Webmaster mark this activity before you fix it then there is a chance to be penalized.

So, it’s necessary to understand a way to answer these three questions:

  • Where I can find my maximum backlinks?
  • How to recognize the toxic link?
  • How am i able to contact black hat backlink website owners?

For the availability of great quality tools all the activities are easy to perform now.At the beginning you can start with Google search console and download the latest/more sample links. But due to the limited number you can’t retrieve the maximum number of links from here.So besides console it is recommended to use Ahref and Semrush to get the maximum number of backlinks.

Now it’s time to mark the spammy links. In this purpose you may use the backlink audit report of SEM rush. It marks the suspicious links as toxic links based on greater than 60% score. Cross check the semi toxic links that are scored between 40% to 60%. Because there may be some good websites too.Otherwise take a glance to the whole backlink list. You will be able to mark the suspicious links by the URL pattern and anchor texts.

Using who is you can reach out to the owner or filling up the contact form in the site if there is any. If they are not replying then the only option is to disavow the links.

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