Why Marketing Through Social Media is Increasing Day by Day

Marketing Through Social Media

Every business owner want to invest money from where they can return more value. Within a fixed budget if you can’t invest the money wisely then your whole effort may be in vain. In this scenario, social media can be the perfect place for your marketing.

That is why above 90 percent of marketers are using social media now. If you are not using social media for the growth of your business, a massive opportunity is getting missed out. Now in these days, social media is the greatest marketing tool and it is absolutely free of cost. Data says 75 percent of Americans are on social media. Clearly your social media campaign can reach to a lot of persons.

However, you are not supposed to waste your time and skills on any social media platform. But you need to make some research on precious ones that give your business maximum boost and value your hard work.

So let’s take a look at why so many marketers are now using social media:

1. Easy Reach to Audience

Nowadays 24*7 onliners people number is not small. So you can easily reach out to your audience whenever you want. Due to this huge number of user in social media you will be able to reach out to a maximum number of users with minimum effort.

2. Targeting Specific Audience:

Demographically or niche-specific may be a specific age, those social media sites will help you to filter all the things and find the right audience for You. Their algorithm noticed all the engagement with your ads. And show them other similar kinds of users. As a result, you will receive relevant traffic to your business website.

3. Cost Effective than Other Marketing Channels:

Maybe you already tried to get organic traffic from the search engine. It is not easy to do this successfully. A lot of effort and money you need to invest if you want to rank your products. Still there is no guarantee of ranking your products. Another option is CPC. If you are already familiar with this then you may aware of the cost of running an Adwords campaign. Compare to all these methods social media is still a cost-effective option.

4. Higher Conversion Rate:

According to HubSpot, “social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing tactics”. As already your existing customer engaged to your posts and pages, new customers will feel comfortable to subscribe or buy your products without hesitation.

5. Increase Brand Authority

Social media will help to increase your brand’s authority. If you publish engaging and catch content related to your brand. Definitely people will react positively. When someone leaves a comment or share your posts then your brand will be trustworthy than ever.

6. Help to boost Organic Rank:

Every search engine noticed the visibility of your content on social media. If you have a huge fan following in social media then it is a positive indication to search engine. As a result, the search engine will give value to content than others.

Let’s take a Look at the Popular Social Media sites that are widely used by marketers:


Talking about most popular social media platform to promote business, Facebook must be on the top position.  As a marketing manager I will recommend, you have to have a Facebook page for your business. If it is utilized appropriately, Facebook can be an amazing tool to grow your small business.

An infographic presentation of a renowned marketer shows, about 92 percent of small business listed on Facebook. If you are working hard on the business Facebook page it would return invaluable values to your business.  You can put a well extensive exposure sharing everything about your company.


If you have great content, Twitter can make it go viral in hours. Because, Twitter is a great tools to easily spread words. The Hashtags used in Twitter post help to boost your posts. While Twitter is a very good platform for sharing short post and blog post links, it is not great for every business. On this platform you can do short Tweets, images, videos and links.

But if you are running a highly visual business and do not feel requirement of a blog, you can skip Twitter. However, many companies excel on this platform, as they have unique brand voice.


This is not a platform where everyone comes to spend time and getting entertained. But LinkedIn is the best platform for the professional networking. This platform helps you to find great talent presenting yourself a business leader. You can also promote your business in the professional field.

LinkedIn is born to be a more professional social media platform compared to others. Every user can create their profiles in the form of a resume and businesses can also create pages to showcase their products and services. You can join on a specific group and post a discussion on any business topic. And that is how you can create an impression on the industry. It will take to a long way for the success of your company.


After launching in 2010, this platform becomes popular as another social media site. Like Facebook and Twitter Instagram has a huge popularity now. There are more than 120 millions users only from United States. Due to this huge popularity and easy to use features many marketers are ranking Instagram as their favorite marketing platform.

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